Jiangsu Jinyang Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd., located in the national key town center, China to teach toys production base - Cao Austin Industrial Park. Production plant standard factory nearly 500 square meters, is the design, production, sales, after-sales, indoor and outdoor entertainment in an integrated manufacturing enterprises. Registered capital of 50.1 million yuan in the strong technical strength and economic base, the quality of the supremacy of products and flexible marketing ideas, to win many domestic and foreign customers trust and praise!

Jiangsu Jinyang Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. registered Bai Seoul trademark, has become a well-known trademarks in Jiangsu Province, in the days to come, we will work harder to make it a well-known trademarks in China!

                    Company slogan: Our satisfaction comes from customer satisfaction

                    Company Vision: Become a leading toy Internet service provider

                    Core values: honesty and trustworthiness, beyond customer satisfaction; the courage to innovate, success comes from the team

                    Company mission: to create value for customers and partners in the process of achieving their own value

Interpretation of corporate culture ------- core values: honest and trustworthy, beyond customer satisfaction; the courage to innovate, success from the team

       Honest and trustworthy ---- abide by the integrity of the first business principles, all employees in the work, life, social interaction in abide by the integrity of the code of conduct, love and dedication, in good faith for the conduct of the party.

       Beyond Customer Satisfaction - Customer Satisfaction is the only criterion for testing company products and services, as well as objective benchmarks that measure the work of the company, and the company's products and services should be based on customer needs.

      Innovation and innovation - continue to seek differentiated, the courage to open up the unknown areas of products, the market is the development of the company so far the magic weapon, the company not only in the business, products, marketing, sales success from the team - team internal unity Cooperation, cooperation between the departments of the team, the cooperation between the Department of the formal success of the power of the source.



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